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Customer Satisfaction

It has become a habit of the customers to see the labels, whenever they go out shopping stationery, textiles, apparels, household items, etc., and label truly influences the buyers that further increases the demand of products. Thus, with an aim to render satisfaction to both companies and their customers, we design impeccable finish of Corner Labels, Laser Engraved Tags, Foil Print Stickers and various other products. Our offered gamut is made using different types of materials and as per the demands of the customers. Listed below are a few well-established names of the industry to whom we supply our offered range:

  • Alok Industries Limited
  • Abacus Textile
  • Zodiac Clothing

Products Offered By Us

What can be more impressive using Labels and Tags to give an identity to a product, promote brand name and distinguish the products from one another! Ours is such a collection of Labels and Tags that are designed and developed with utmost care, so that they can promptly attract customers:

  • Printed Labels
  • Paper Tags, Custom Paper Tags, Laminated Tags
  • Laser Engraved Tags
  • Decorative and Printed Tapes
  • Stickers

Brand Security

Vasants Labels Pvt. Ltd. has taken an edge over competitive firms by introducing a unique, impressive and advanced method to secure one's brand. Our especially developed Brand Security Method springs the ability to the end-user to confirm the nature of product, that is if its fake or genuine because global and well-established brands face this issue very often. To resolve this issue, they employ either hologram or a security product such as RFID. Since holograms can be copied easily, thus it becomes difficult to differentiate between a fake and genuine product. In consequence, the end user purchases fake or in order words low quality product, that further creates a threat for the brand by decreasing its market rate.

High security products such as RFID are costly and secure until the cheater is unable to crack it through technology. But tools like these doesn't allow the buyer to determine the nature of product. Since various brands get their manufacturing and designing work outsourced and from these outsourcing places or companies generates the source of counterfeits. And to prevent such an issue, our brand security system effectively crushes such counterfeits, making the genuine product hold its original identity.

What can be more beneficial than using our security products! They provide a unique way of security that is by sending a SMS or a QR code through a website. We also render a 16 digit UIN, that is a Unique Identification Number that in non-predictable/random number, which effectively secures the originality of the product since the outsourcing team would not be able to track that number. This system is employed when the processing is being carried out in house and where the security is needed from the counterfeiter, who is not an outsourcing partner. The number, as mentioned above, will be given to every brand either in the form of a paper tag or a sticker. This sticker or tag can be attached on the desired product, having particulars or mobile number. We will maintain the information of every given number and so whenever the company/brand desires to check to check the nature of product (original or fake), he just have to type UIN and send a sms to the said mobile number and within a duration of say seconds, the sender will be notified through sms about nature of product. This type of method is specially suggested for products being supplied in India.

Whereas, the second method that is QR Code, doesn't necessitate to send an sms, he can simply scan the provided QR Code using technologically advanced phones of various brands like I-Phone, HTC, Samsung, Blackberry and many others. For scanning the code you just need to download the app that can scan a QR Code or a 2d Bar-code. After scanning this code, our customer will be directly linked to our website that will show the particulars of the products. Also, it will show an image of the sticker or hand tag, which would then register the product, simply on one click. After registration of the product, the sender will be notified through a sms of the product being duplicate or original.

Apart from UIN, advanced software will also print other particulars of the product such as size, price, color, quantity, material used, etc, on the sticker of hang tags. The variable data can be converted into a soft copy or report, which can can be printed along with the unique code. Our especially designed system is well protected. Protective factors can be seen through the following factors listed below:

  • The provided 16 digit UIN can either be sequential or non-sequential, thus untraceable.
  • Our system will not only tell about the original or duplicate product but will also give various particulars like if the customer has purchased it or not. The description of the product can exceed only 120 characters, and this would also indicate the brand name in the details that can printed on the label.
  • The concept is unique in itself as the brand security is provided on hang tags.
  • Original products can never be duplicated using this system even if the counterfeit multiplies the number.
  • It is a convenient, highly safe and cost-effective method because internet and sms accessibility is cheap and almost everybody in the present day scenario has this facility/accessibility.
  • This system will not render reliable results in India but in other countries as well. But to make this system operable in other country, one has to incur cost of mobile number set up. But if this service is required on a web based system, than the company will not have to suffer any such expenses.

In conclusion, our offered security system can render utmost safety, especially to pharmaceutical companies, as in their case the replication of medicines and life saving drugs may risk a life.

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